Isham Dalton Family of Virginia and west to Oklahoma

Who was Isham's Father?
Isham Dalton, born 1771, Albemarle Co., VA (h/o Elizabeth Walton, b 1774, Scotland)
Richmond Dolton, born June 1815 in KY (h/o Pricilla Hahn, b 1825 in Indiana)
Joseph H. Dolton, born 1840 in Illinois (h/o Sarah Isabella Thornton, b 1839, MO)
Frank Dolton, born February 13, 1864, Nortonville, KS (h/o Ida Olive Ford, b 1867 in Barrow Stations, IL)
Elza Garland Dolton, born Mustang, OK (h/o Louisa Hattie Mohr b Mustang, OK)
Louis Garland Dolton born Mustang, OK (h/o Darlene Johnson b Oklahoma City, OK)

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Photo of part of Frank Dalton's family This is a picture of Frank Dolton's family. Frank is in the fedora holding Louis and Joseph. His wife, Ida Olive nee Ford, is holding one kid. With him are two of his daughters: Daisy on the left and Bell & John Watson with their three kids.
Note: I had previously published my genealogy back to William DALTON who it is thought was born in 1679 or 1680 in Albemarle County, Virginia; the eldest son of Samuel Dalton, Sr. This was based on work published in the LDS archives and others who shared this genealogy with me (they probably got it from the LDS archives as well). However, 'Tax records clearly support Isham's father was a different William who went to Greenbrier, in western Virginia (later West Virginia), not the William who was the eldest son of Samuel Dalton, Sr. The second half of that statement was made by William himself, son of Samuel, who replied to a British Mercantile Agent in 1801, telling the agent that the "other William" had gone to Greenbrier.' (Melanie Crain) Even the people of the day got these two William Dalton's mixed up.

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