Descendants of Joseph Painter

Joseph Painter (1823 - 1894)
+Sarah Huffman (1830-1917) (aka Sarah Hoffman)
James Monroe Painter (1875 - 1950)
+Mary McIntosh (1875 - 1950)
Sarah Elizabeth Painter (1903 - 1994)
+Victor Jay Baughman (1900 - 1992)
Mary Painter (1906 - 1984)
James A Painter (1910 - 1983)

Joseph Painter

The headstone of Joseph and Sarah Painter indicates the following:
Joseph Painter (1823-1894)
Sarah his wife (1831-1917)
However, this headstone appears to be a modern stone that was placed on the grave many years after their deaths. Joseph's first, small headstone is still there and reads simply, "Jos. Painter 1897." Sarah's birth year may be incorrect on this modern headstone. According to her death certificate she was born February 1830. This information was given by C.C. Painter who did not know the day of month she was born or where in Pennsylvania she was born. He also did not know her mother's maiden name. So, the reliablility of the information given is questionable. He said that Sarah's father was John Hoffman who was born in Pennsylvania.

Sarah (Hoffman) Painter

The Certificate of Death of Sarah Painter indicates that she died in Pine Creek [Township], County of Jeff, Pennsylvania. It indicates that her full name was Sarah Painter, that she was female, white, a widow, and retired. It indicates she was born Feb -, 1830, in Penna. Her age was given as 87 years one month and - days. The name of her father was given as John Hoffman and he born in Penna. Maiden name of mother and her mothers birthplace is given as "don't know." The person testifying to this information was C.C. Painter of Falls Creek. The doctor providing the medical certificate of death, Jay C. Booker (of Falls Creek), said that Sarah died Apr 18th, 1917, and the cause of death was intestinal carcinoma of about one year duration. Sarah was buried in Emerickville, Apr 20, 1917, by N.R. Moore, Undertaker, of DuBois, Pennsylvania.

"Jeff" county is likely Jefferson County since that is where she lived and where Pine Creek is. However, "Pine Creek" is written in light blue ink in a decidedly different hand than the rest of the document. It may have been added by someone through whose hands this Cerificate of Death has passed.

James Painter

James Monroe Painter, old time Brookville resident, died at his home on Jefferson Street, Sunday, September 3, 1950, at 2:30 PM, of a coronary occlusion. Born April 16, 1875 he was 75 years and four months old at the time of his death.
The son of Joseph and Sarah (Huffman) Painter, he was married to Mary McIntosh of Brookville and to this union three children were born all of whom survive. Sara, wife of Jay Baughman, James and Mary McNeil, all of Brookville. Seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren also survive.
Mr. Painter was a retired gas field worker, having been employed by FC Deemer over a period of 23 years from 1921 to 1944. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church.
Funeral Services were held on Wednesday, September 5, 1950, from Reitz Funeral Home with Rev. Edw. P. Ingersoll officiating. Interment was in Reynoldsville Cemetery.
(The Brookfield American)

Draft Registration Card of James Monroe Painter

The World War I draft registration card for James Monroe Painter indicated he was living in Conifer, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania. He says that his closest living relative is Mrs. Mary Painter. That was his wife. He said his birth date was April 10, 1873, and indicated that he was forty-five years old. This birth date is two years earlier than most other records which indicate he was born on April 10, 1875. But, by being over the age of forty-five this may have made him ineligible for the draft. The card said that he was currently employed as a mule drive in a mine working for the Allegheny River Mining Company. It indicated he was white, native born, tall, of medium build, eyes grey in color, hair grey in color, and not physically disqualified from service. The card was signed September 12, 1918. The name of the registrar (from the signature) appears to be Union Lutz.

Mary McIntosh Painter

Funeral services were held on Wednesday, April 5, for Mary McIntosh Painter, of Jefferson Street, who died at the home of her sister Katherine Lyons, in Butler Street, Pittsburg, Sunday, April 2, 1950. Born January 17, 1875, she was 75 years and 2 months at the time of her death.
A daughter of Alexander and Jean (Patterson) McIntosh, she was born in Edinboro, Scotland, coming to America in the late 1890ís. On December 26, 1901, she was united in marriage with James M. Painter of Iowa Station, who survives her. Three chilcren were born of the union all of whom survive. Sara, wife of Jay Baughman, James and Mary McNeil, all of Brookville. Seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren also survive.
Funeral svcs. were held from Reitz Funeral Home at 2 PM with Rev. Edward P. Ingersoll, her pastor, officiating. Interment was in Reynoldsville Cemetery.
(The Brookville American)

1930 US Federal Census

The 1930 US Federal Census for Rose Township, Jefferson, Pennsylvania, has a record of the James and Mary Painter family. They were living on an alley off Maple Avenue. James M. Painter, age 55, white, male, age 26 when first married, able to read and write, born about 1874 in Pennsyvania, both his parents were born in Pennsylvania, working as a day watchman at the glass factory; Mary Painter, age 55, female, white, age 26 when first married, able to read and write, born about 1874 in Scotland, both her parents were born in Scotland, working as a laundress at the hospital; James A. Painter, age 19, born about 1910 in Pennsylvania, male, white, single, working at odd jobs, able to read and write. The family owned their home and it was valued at $1,250.

On the same page and living on the same street is the Jay and Sara Baughman family. V Jay Baughman, age 29, was not regularly employed and worked at odd jobs; Sara E Baughman, age 27; Jean M Baughman, age 7; Louise F Baughman, age 5; Leo D Baughman, age 3; Mary E Baughman, age 1 [1 8/12], Joan Baughman, age 0 [4/12]. The family rented their home for ten dollars per month. Jean was the only one of the children in school. All members of the family were born in Pennsylvania.

1940 US Federal Census

The 1940 US Federal Census for Brookville, Jefferson, Pennsylvania, has a record of the Jay and Sara Baughman Family. They were living at 213 Euclid Avenue. Jay Baughman, age 39 (born about 1901 in Pennsylvania), white, completed school through the eighth grade, he was working construction in the building industry; Sara Baughman, age 37 (born about 1903); Jean Baughman, age 17; Louise Baughman, age 15, female, white, completed school through the seventh grade; Leo Baughman, age 13, male, white, completed school through the sixth grade; Mary E Baughman, age 11, female, white, completed school through the fifth grade; Joan Baughman, age 10, female, white, completed school through the fourth grade. All were born in Pennsylvania.

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