Elza Garland Dolton

born in Mustang, Oklahoma (husband of Louisa Hattie Mohr who was also born in Mustang)
Children of Elza and Louisa:
  1. Louis Dolton
  2. Joseph Lee Dolton (1930-1961)
  3. Ron Dolton (1938-2012)

Elza was an excellent student and enjoyed school. He enjoyed reading and art and was popular among his friends and teachers. However, something happened at the start of his eighth grade school year that caused him to stop attending school. He wouldn't tell his parents what it was. They were not terribly upset by this as Frank could really use the help on the farm and whatever income Elza could bring in on the side. So Elza went to work as a farm hand for his father and others.

In 1923 Elza worked at farmers market in OKC. Uncle Thomas worked there and the Dolton's and Mohr's took their produce to them to have them sell it at market. In 1924, Elza did some work in the oil fields and drove trucks for the oil companies. In 1926, Elza got a job working for Reed Robison at Auto Need's in Oklahoma City at the intersection of California & Robinson Streets.

The Great Depression originated in the U.S., starting with the fall in stock prices that began around September 4, 1929 and became worldwide news with the stock market crash of October 29, 1929 (known as Black Tuesday). From there, it quickly spread to almost every country in the world.

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