Father of Isham Dalton

Isham Dalton/Dolton has long been misdirected into the family of David and Susannah (Davis) Dalton. As you may know, there is evidence (the 1787 Albemarle Co. VA tax list) which tells us that Isham Dalton was the son of William Dalton. William had been in Albemarle for a long time, and by 1787 he was well over 40 years old with a son who was 21 or older. That year, 1787, the commonwealth government of Virginia required men to list, by name, any adult son living with them or being supported by them. Thus, Isham was listed by William Dalton. The same Isham married Elizabeth Walton seven years later, in 1794.

We find that tax records confirm the friendship of these two families, the Dolton's and the Walton's. For instance, in 1790, the tax collector visited William Dolton Senr (Isham's Dad), Richmond Walton, and Thompson Walton on the same day: Mar 18th. The next year, on May 17th, the collector went to neighboring homes of William Senr, Isom Dolton, Isom Walton, and Richmond Walton. By now, Isham must certainly have met Miss Elizabeth Walton, whom he courted prior to marriage.

After marriage, Isham and Elizabeth lived in Albemarle County until their last tax record in 1803. I'm not sure if Isham traveled with his Walton inlaws to Madison County, KY, or if he went with other friends; but he first paid taxes in 1805 in Madison County so he did not tarry long moving from one place to the other. Isham may have gone to Madison County with his Albemarle friend Joseph Watson (sic), a theory proposed but not yet proven.

The story doesn't end here, though. In 1796, Isham's dad left Albemarle and went to Greenbrier County, Virginia (which was to become part of West Virginia). This migration was recorded by a British mercantile agent. William Dalton, son of Samuel Dalton, replied to a British Mercantile Agents inquiry in 1801, telling the agent that the "other William" had gone to Greenbrier. Missing tax records from the western part of Virginia do not provide confirmation. The hazy picture seems to be that William Senr moved to Augusta County, Virginia, first, possibly to be near a son who was his namesake. That son, William, married Mary Renick later in 1806, after he had moved from Augusta County to Greenbrier County about 1800.

Tax records clearly support Isham's father as William in Albemarle Co. but the William who went to Greenbrier WV, not the William who was the eldest son of Samuel Dalton, Sr. The second half of that statement was made by William himself, son of Samuel, who replied to a British Mercantile Agent in 1801, telling the agent that the "other William" had gone to Greenbrier.

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Monday, December 06, 2004 10:15 PM
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