Mason Family

The surname Mason is English and Scottish. It's an occupational name for a stonemason, Middle English, Old French mas(s)on. Compare Machen. Stonemasonry was a hugely important craft in the Middle Ages.

Samuel Taylor Mason, born 1784
+ Sarah Revis, born 1788
William Mason (1812-1886)
+ Sara Ann Parson, born 1816
Mary Jane Mason (1840-1916)
+ Solomon Ellsworth McManigle, Sr. (1830-1912)
Esther Ann McManigle (1858-1898)
William James McManigle (1859-1935)
Solomon Ellsworth McManigle, Jr. (1861-1934)
Walter McManigle (1864-1867)
Mary Jane McManigle, born 1867
Nancy Elizabeth McManigle (1868-1937)
David Franklin McManigle (1869-1938)
John McManigle, born 1872
Sarah Matilda Sadie McManigle (1875-1919)

Samuel Taylor Mason

Samuel Taylor Mason was born in 1784 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He had one son with Sarah Revis in 1812.

William Mason

William Mason was born in 1812 in Pennsylvania, the only child of Samuel Taylor and Sarah. He had two sons and six daughters with Sara Ann Parson between 1836 and 1853. In 1850, William Mason was 36 years old and lived in Pine Creek, Pennsylvania. (1850 United States Federal Census) In 1880, William Mason was 70 years old and lived in Warsaw, Pennsylvania with his wife, Sarah, and son. (1880 United States Federal Census)

The 1850 US Federal Census for Pine Creek Township, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania, is the record of the William and S.A. Mason household. William Mason was a male, age 36 years, born about 1814 in Pennsylvania. S.A. Mason was a female, wife, age 33 years. Charlotte Mason is a white, female, age 14 years. Nancy E. Mason, female, age 12 years. Martha J. Mason was a female age ten years. Sarah E. Mason was a five year old female. James H. Mason was a four year old male. Caroline Mason was a two year old female. Rosanna Mason was a two month old female. ( 1850 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2009. Images reproduced by FamilySearch.)

Willaim Mason died in 1886 at the age of 74.

Mary Jane Mason

When Mary Jane Mason was born on January 30, 1840, in Pennsylvania, her father, William, was 28 and her mother, Sara, was 24. She had five sons and four daughters with Solomon Ellsworth McManigle between 1858 and 1875. She died on October 15, 1916, in Pine Creek, Pennsylvania, at the age of 76.

CERTIFICATE OF DEATH The Certificate of Death for Mary Jane McManigle indicates she died at age 76 years 8 months 15 days, in Pine Creek Township, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania, on 15 Oct 1916. Mary Jane was a female, white, widowed, born 30 Jan 1840 in Pennsylvania. Her occupation was a housewife. Her father was William Mason born in Pennsylvania. Her mother was Sara Ann Parson and was born in Pennsylvania. This information was provided by Mrs. Sarah Bower of Brookville. She was buried in Butler Cemetery 17 Oct 1916 by Rufus G. Reitz of Brookville, Pennsylvania. ("Pennsylvania, Death Certificates, 1906-1963", Ancestry dot com) Mary Jane McManigle's maiden name was Mason.

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