Descendants of Luke Thornton

William Todd Thornton

William Todd Thornton was born April 5, 1817 in Aux Vasse, Callaway, Missouri. He was the oldest son of William H. and Sally (Todd) Thornton.

Also in 1817, on March 4, James Monroe succeeded James Madison as President of the United States of America. On December 10, Mississippi is admitted as the 20th U.S. state, formerly the Mississippi Territory. This year the first steamboat reached Saint Louis from the mouth of the Mississippi.

William married Hannah Todd, daughter of Jesse and Lucy Dalton Todd, on October 10, 1837. Hannah was eighteen years old at the time of her marriage. She had her sixteenth child in 1867 at the age of forty-eight.

William and Sally were the first Thorntonís to move into DeKalb County, Missouri. They came in 1839 from Callaway County with their little daughter, Sarah Isabel Thornton; an uncle, William Adams; a brother-in-law, Isaac Agee; their families and other families. William Todd and family settled first near Jordan Creek but soon learned that this was unhealthy so they purchased land on higher ground in 1840. It was unhealthy in that this property often flooded and they lost the first home they built in DeKalb County for this reason. They bought another property, for $1.25 per acre, and moved there following year.

In the 1840 US Federal Census is a record of the William T. Thornton family. They were living in Clinton County, Missouri, and there were three persons in the household; two adults and one child. Also living close by was the household of William Thornton, Isaac Agee, Jesse Todd, and Joab Todd. Read more.

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