Marcus Laffette London Family from Virginia to Oklahoma

John London (1762-1819)
+ Jane Clardy (1762-1835)
John Jefferson London (1809-1876)
+ Judith Julia Burnett
Rufus Houston London (1840-1924)
+ Buena Vista Lewis (1847-1908)
Marcus Laffette London (1862-1923)
+ Rebecca Louisa Brown ( 1870-1905)
Emery Lee London (1892-1953)
+ Julia Jane Jobe (1893-1973)
Thresa Arta London (1913-1982) born in Indiahoma, Oklahoma; oldest of seven children
+ George E. Johnson (1908-1976) six children; all born in Oklahoma
. Darlene Johnson (1931-2004)
. Alton E Johnson (1935-)
. Arta Ann Johnson (1937-1938)
. Gerald H. Johnson (1939-1998)
. Richard E. Johnson (1940-1940)
. Baby Johnson (1941-1941)
+ Jodie Jay Kirby (1909-1997) second husband of Thresa
Rolen London (1919-1980) son of Emery and Jewel London
Lawrence Alton London (1921-1993) son of Emery and Jewel London
Arvola London (1923-1981) daughter of Emery and Jewel London
Baby London (1927-1927) child of Emery and Jewel London
Dorothy Lorene London (1929-2011) daughter of Emery and Jewel London
living London (1932-) daughter of Emery and Jewel London

When John London was born the west coast of North America north of Florida was a colony of Great Britain and King George III had been on the throne of Great Britain for four years, in 1760 the population of America was 1,593,625, the Anglo-Cherokee War (1758-1761) also known as The Cherokee Uprising in present-day Tennessee, Virginia and the Carolinas had just ended, and the Peace Treaty of Paris 1763 would soon end the French and Indian Wars. France would give Canada and all French territory east of the Mississippi River to the British empire. Everyone living in the British colonies at this time was a British citizen.

John London, British citizen, was my fifth great grandfather and was born in Amelia, Virginia, about 1762. He married Jane Clardy (1762-1835) in 1789 and to this union was born seven children; four girls and three boys. They were Tempy London (born about 1790), Nancy London (born about 1792), Salley London (1792-1869) who married William Reed, Judith London (born 1794), James Wadkins London (born 1798) who married Elizabeth Connely, Marcus R. London (born 1800), and John Jefferson London (1809-1876) who married Judith Julia Burnett. John and Jane moved their family to Burke, North Carolina some time before the birth of their last son and that's where John Jefferson London, American citizen, was born. John London died in Burke, North Carolina, 04 March 1819. Jane lived another sixteen years after her husbands death and died in Burke, North Carolina, in 1835.

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