Joseph Hahn Dolton

Joseph H. Dolton, born 1840 in Illinois (husband of Sarah Isabella Thornton, born 1839 in Missouri)
Children of Joseph and Sarah:
  1. Almeda A Dolton (1859-1941)
  2. Frank Dolton (1864-1952)
  3. William R Dolton (1866-1878)
  4. James Isom Dolton (1868-1957)
  5. John Calvin Dolton (1871-1872)
  6. Edward R Dolton (1873-1911)
  7. Bird Dolton (1876-1961)
  8. Ennis Dolton (1880-1883)
Joseph left Dekalb County and moved to Madison County. There he courted the woman who was to be his wife, Sarah Isabel Thornton. She had a huge family, but he was used to large families. Still, it took a lot of courage for him to propose marriage to that young woman.

Joseph was always tall for his age and as an adult stood 6 foot 1 inch tall. He had brown hair and blue eyes and was of a lean build. He sported a large, well groomed mustache. He worked hard at farming; from daylight to dusk. He was strong and had great endurance. There was always a surplus that he could take to town and sell for hard cash so he could buy the things the family needed that he could not make or raise himself.

At the outbreak of the American Civil War, Joseph and his little family was living in Madison County, in South East Missouri. There was a large group of Sarahís family living there. Here again, Joseph was farming. The land here isnít the best farming area. The region is actually a high and deeply dissected plateau. Geologically, the area is a broad dome around the Saint Francois Mountains. The County is heavily forested, hilly, has no rivers, and few creeks. Fortunately, the iron plow was built in 1837 by John Deere at Grand Detour, Illinois. This made plowing easier and faster as it didnít break as often.

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