Mowery Family

of Jefferson County, Pennsylvania

John Mowery (1801-1852)
+ Sarah Martz (1808-1887)
Priscilla Mowery (1838-1919)
+ Benjamin Swartz (1829-1973)
Mary Elizabeth Swartz (1862-1944)
Martha Melinda Swartz (1864-1932)
Suella Swartz, born 1865
John Swartz, born 1867
Catherine Swartz, born 1870
Annie Swartz, born 1871

The name Mowery is a variant of the name Mowry. Mowry is of English derivation and is probably a variant of the Anglo-Norman French personal name Mory, a short form of Amaury. The meaning of the name "Amaury" is different in several languages, countries and cultures. For example, in German the meaning could be: Bravery and power or work ruler.

John Mowery was born on June 19, 1801, in Northumberland, Pennsylvania. He had seven sons and five daughters with Sarah Martz between 1830 and 1848. In 1840, John Mawery lived in Porter, Pennsylvania. (1840 United States Federal Census) In 1850, John L. Mowry was 43 years old and lived in Ringgold, Pennsylvania. (1850 United States Federal Census) John was a member of St John's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Northumberland, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA.

According to the 1850 US Federal Census for Ringgold, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania, the John and Sarah Mowery family consisted of:
John L Mowry, born about 1806
+ Sarah Mowry, born about 1807
Andrew Mowry, born about 1830
Daniel Mowry, born about 1832
Eliza Mowry, born about 1833
John Mowry, born about 1836
Priscilla Mowry, born about 1838
Michael Mowry, born about 1839
Polly Mowry, born about 1840
Henry Mowry, born about 1841
Jeremiah Mowry, born about 1842
Mowry, born about 1843
George Mowry, born about 1846
Martha Mowry, born about 1849
All were born in Pennsylvania.

He died on May 17, 1852, in Pine Creek, Pennsylvania, at the age of 50.

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