O'Neill Family

Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic O Neill 'descendant of Niall'

Patrick O'Neill

Patrick O'Neill was born about 1830. He lived in Driftwood, Pennsylvania on April 18, 1887. He is known to have had one daughter with Johanna in September 1860. Their daughter's name was Margaret O'Neill.

Margaret O'Neill

Patrick O'Neill (born abt 1830)
Margaret O'Neill (1860-1930)
+ Patrick Henry Farrell (born 1855)
Agnes Farrell, born 1888
Florence Viola Farrell, born 1890
Dorothy J. Farrell, born 1896
Franklin Farrell, born 1899

Margaret O'Neill was born in September 1860 in Pennsylvania, the only child of Patrick and Johanna. She went by the name Mary. Her full name may have been Mary Margaret or Margaret Mary O'Neil as the wife of Patrick Farrell gave her name variously as Mary Farrell or Mary M. Farrell. Patrick and Mary had a step-daughter whose surname was English and was born in 1885. So Mary may have been married before she married Patrick Henry Farrell in 1887. Margaret O'Neil, age 24 years (born about 1863) married Patrick H. Farrell, age 27 years (born about 1860). They were married in Cameron County, Pennsylvania, 18 Apr 1887. Both Margaret and Patrick were residents of Driftwood, Pennsylvania. (Source: "Pennsylvania, Records of Marriages, 1885-1889" on Ancestry dot com) Patrick and Mary had four children together between 1888 and 1899.

In 1900, Mary was 39 years old and lived in Benezette, Pennsylvania with her husband, Patrick (born Mar 1853); son: Franklin (born Jan 1899); 4 daughters: Agnes (born Dec 1887), Florence (born Dec 1889), and Dorothy (born Oct 1896); and one step-daughter: Lottie English (born Sep 1885). Both Patrick and Mary indicated they had been married for 17 years. [That would mean they were married in 1883.] [1900 United States Federal Census]

This is interesting. Lottie English is listed as having been born Sep 1885 and as the step-daughter of Patrick Farrell. Whoever was answering the questions of the census enumerator said that Patrick and Mary had been married for seventeen years. That would mean they were married about 1883 which was two years before Patrick's step daughter was born and that his step-daughter was born while he was married to Mary. I won't speculate on the facts surrounding this data.

In 1910, Mary Furl [Furl is a variation in the spelling of Farrell] was 47 years old (born abt 1863) and lived in Benezette, Pennsylvania with her husband, Patrick (born abt 1856), son: Frank (born abt 1899), two daughters: Dortha [Dorothy] Farrell (born abt 1897), Florence McManigle (born abt 1890); and grand-daughter: Vivian McManigle (born Oct 1909).
[1910 United States Federal Census]

In 1920, Mary M. Farrel [Farrel is a variation in the spelling of Farrell] was 56 years old and lived in Elk County, Pennsylvania with her husband, Patrick (born abt 1860), son: Frank P. (born abt 1900), daughter: Dorothy J Farrell (born abt 1898); niece: Vivian M. Farrel (born abt 1910); grand-daughter: Demarias J. Cunningham (born abt 1911); grand-son: Maxwell W. Cunningham (born abt 1913). All were born in Pennsylvania. [1920 United States Federal Census]

The things that go on in families and communities are sometimes interesting. Vivian Marie McManigle (born Oct 1909) was the daughter of Harvey and Florence (Farrell) McManigle. The 1910 Census shows she and her mother living in the household of Patrick and Mary Farrell in Benezette. Yet in the 1920 Census Vivian is listed as Vivian M. Farrel (born abt 1910) in the household of her grandparents, not as their grand-daughter, but as their niece. It would be interesting to know how that came about.

Margaret O'Neill died in 1930 in Pennsylvania, at the age of 69, and was buried in Hicks Run Cemetery, Cameron County, Pennsylvania.

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