The dead at Coffeyville

So, you heard you were descended from the Dalton Gang?

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David Dalton Sr.
  James Dalton
    + Agness Dyer
      Benjamin Dalton
        + Nancy Rabourn
          James Lewis Dalton (1826-1890)-father of the Gang - born Kentucky - died Kansas
            + Adeline Lee Younger (1835-1925)-marr 1851 Missouri - born Missouri - died Oklahoma.
James and Adeline had fourteen children; ten boys and four girls. All were born in Missouri.
  1. Charles Benjamin (Ben) Dalton, b. 24 Feb 1852, d. 16 Mar 1936 at Fort Supply, Oklahoma. Ben never married and had no children. Ben was described as being slow, but he functioned sufficiently well to own land and farm while living alone. He can be found in the census next door to Adeline Dalton and Leona Randolph at the family farm in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, in the Oklahoma State Census of 1890; again on the 1900 Census in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, and, after the death of Adeline, living alone at Kingfisher in the 1920 Census. He is reported to have died at the State Hospital in Ft. Supply, Oklahoma in 1936.
  2. Henry Coleman (Cole) Dalton, b. 26 Nov 1853, d. 27 Feb 1920, Des Moines, New Mexico. Cole did not participate in any of the crimes of his younger brothers. He never married. Cole moved from Missouri to California when a young man. As a result of his poor health, Cole moved to New Mexico toward the end of his life, dying of tuberculosis in Des Moines, New Mexico, at the age of 66. He is buried in the Dalton family plot in Kingfisher, Oklahoma.
  3. Lewis Kossuth Dalton, b. 1 Jan 1855 died at the age of seven (7) in Missouri in Jan 1862.
  4. Littleton Lee Dalton b. 2 Oct 1857, d. 8 Jan 1942 in Woodland, California. Littleton spent most of his adult life in California. He was good looking, but never married. It appears he lived a productive life and made many friends. According to Nancy Samuelson in her book, "The Dalton Gang and Their Family Ties," Littleton died in the county hospital at Yolo, California January 1942. Cause of death was determined to be bronchi-pneumonia.
  5. Franklin (Frank) Dalton, b. 8 May 1859, died 27 Nov 1887 at Fort Smith, AR. He died at age 27 and is buried at Coffeyville, Kansas, but was killed in the line of duty as a marshal and was not part of the Coffeyville bank robbery. Married Nancy E. KESTESSON, but they had no children.
  6. Gratton, (Grat) Dalton, b. 30 Mar 1861 in Lawrence, KS, d. 5 Oct 1892 in Coffeyville, Kansas. Died at age thirty-one in the Coffeyville bank robbery and is buried in the Coffeyville Cemetery. He had married Mary HUGHES, but they didnít have any children together.
  7. William (Bill) Dalton, b. 1 Jun 1865, died 8 Jun 1894 in Poolsville, Oklahoma. On 15 Jun 1885 he married Jane Bliven. He was initally buried in Oklahoma and later moved to California. Of the fourteen children of James and Adeline Dalton only William (Bill) Dalton of the Indian Territory had any children of his own. Bill married Jane Bliven and they had two children, Charles Coleman Dalton and Gracie Dalton, both of whom survived to adulthood. Charles was listed as one of three surviving nephews in the obituary of Leona Randolph Dalton (one of the fourteen).
  8. Eva May Dalton, b. Belton, MO on 25 Jan 1867, died 27 Jan 1939 in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. On 25 Oct 1887 she married John N. Whipple. Eva Dalton moved to Meade, Kansas, in the mid 1880's, and was married to J.N. Whipple, a Meade merchant, in 1887. Whipple built the house which still stands at the corner of Pearlette and Green Streets in Meade for his bride. The house is now a tourist attraction in large part due to the tunnel that was found leading from the house to the barn years after the Whipple's left. The tunnel was believed to have been used by the Dalton Gang to come and go unobserved when they visited their sister.
  9. Robert Rennick (Bob) Dalton, b. 13 May 1869, died. 5 Oct 1892 in Coffeyville, Kansas. Bob died at age twenty-three in the course of the Coffeyville bank robbery and is buried in the Coffeyville Cemetery.
  10. Emmet (Em) Dalton, b. in Bates County, MO on 3 May 1871, and d. 13 Jul 1937 in Los Angeles, CA. On 1 Sep 1908 he married Julia (Johnson) Lewis. He is buried in the Kingfisher, Oklahoma, cemetery. Emmet had a step-daughter named Jennie Gilstrap. Jennie was the daughter of Julia and Bob Gilstrap, Julia's first husband.
  11. Leona Randolph Dalton, b. 17 Jul 1874, d. 18 Apr 1964 in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. Unmarried she is buried in the Dalton family plot in Kingfisher, Oklahoma.
  12. Nancy (Nonnie) Dalton, b. 11 Mar 1876, d. 27 Dec. 1901 in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. She married Charles M. Clute on 22 Jan 1896.
  13. Simon Noel Dalton (a twin) b. 6 Jul 1879, d. 13 Sep 1928 in Oklahoma City. He married Minnie McDaniel on July 30, 1910. He is buried in the family plot in Kingfisher, OK. Simon and Minnie had no children.
  14. Hannah Adeline Dalton (a twin) b. 6 July 1879, d. 6 Jul 1879 in MO.

Notes from Obituaries.

Leona outlived all of her brothers and sisters. She died in the Huskille Rest Home in Kingfisher, OK, on 18 Apr 1964. In her obituary it said, "Her survivors were her nephews; Roy Clute, Charles Coleman Dalton and Jack Phillips." Except this isn't true. Jack Phillips is no relation to Leona Dalton, James and Adeline Dalton, or any of this Dalton family. If you haven't read about this hoax, then you should so that you are not taken in by it because it is widespread. You will be amazed. Read about this hoax at The Bea Elizabeth Dalton Hoax web site created by Tom Cloud.

From the Turlock, California, Pioneer William "Bill" Dalton, 29 years of age was shot and killed while playing with his children near the Chickasaw Reservation Line in Indian Territory on Friday morning, the 8th of June 1894 at the log cabin of Houston Wallace near the little town of Elk, Indian Territory NW of Ardmore, Indian Territory. (Bill had robbed a bank in Poolsvile). [Comment: That is a vicious lie told by the railroad detectives who murdered him and the railroad lawyers who backed them up. All nine of the deputy U.S. marshals who participated in the murder of Bill Dalton were indicted for his murder in the federal court at Ardmore in June 1896. None of them were ever tried because of the power of the railroads to get these murderers off.] Bill Dalton had lived in Merced County, California, and was a farmer and rancher in the valley before moving to Indian Territory in 1891 with his wife, Jane Bliven Dalton and children, Charles and Gracie, who survived him. Services were held at the home of Cyrus Bliven in Livingston, California, on whose ranch he was initially buried. Later the remains were interred at the Lodi, California, mausoleum.

Memorial Obituary Eva May Dalton Whipple Eva May passed away on 27 Jan 1939 at the home of her sister, Leona Dalton, in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, where she had made her home after the death of her husband in 1932. Eva was seventy-two years of age. She had taught school and was engaged in millinery and dressmaking before she married. She and her husband, John N.Whipple, moved to Kingfisher, Oklahoma, and later operated a cafe in Siloam Springs, AR. Eva, a Methodist from age sixteen, was buried in the Dalton family plot in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. Eva was survived by her sister, Leona, a brother, Littleton, and a granddaughter, Mrs. W. D. Meadows of Houston, Texas.
In 1887 a small house was built by John Whipple for his bride, Eva May Dalton. This house stands on the corner of Pearlotte and Green St. in Meade, Kansas, is known as the Dalton Museum and is the center of the annual Dalton Days festivities. When the Gang visited their sister they allegedly used the escape tunnel that was dug from the house to the barn. This small museum was visited by a record attendance of 28,000 in the year 2000 and folks came from twenty-three nations.

Memorial Obituary Emmett Dalton
Emmett died on 13 Jul 1937 at his home in Los Angeles, California, at 66 years of age. When he was 11 years old, he moved with his family from Missouri to the Indian Territory near Venita, OK. After his outlaw days, he married Julia Johnson Gilstrap Lewis on 1 Sep 1908 in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. A few years later they moved to California where he wrote two books; "When the Daltons Rode" and "Beyond the Law". He was also in the movie business, real estate and construction.
A few years before his death he had joined a Pentecostal Church. His ashes are buried in the Dalton family plot in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. He was survived by his wife, Julia and a stepdaughter, Jennie (Gilstrap) Perrier.

Littleton Dalton received none of the notoriety of his brothers in his lifetime. He resided in Broderick, Yolo County, California. and worked as a sheepherder until his retirement. Dalton was sixty-four years of age at his death in 1942 and had never married. His affairs were handled by the only son of his late brother Bill, Charles Coleman Dalton, then of Lodi, California.

So, are you related to the Dalton Gang?

Despite the fact that there were ten sons of Adeline and James Lewis Dalton, only one son, William (Bill) Dalton, left a namesake, Charles Coleman Dalton. Charles was the only grandson, with the surname Dalton, of Adeline and James Lewis Dalton. Charles is buried in Lodi and left a family. If your last name is Dalton and you are not descended from Charles Coleman Dalton son of William Mason Dalton, then it's unlikely you are descended from the Dalton Gang.

But, you may be a descendant of this Dalton family if your last name is Whipple and you can show that you are descended from John and Eva May (Dalton) Whipple or if your last name is Clute and you can show that you are descended from Charles M. and Nancy (Dalton) Clute. These two women were daughters of Adeline and James Lewis Dalton and had children.

You might be a cousin of this Dalton family if your last name is Dalton and you can show that you are descended from Benjamin and Nancy (Rabourn) Dalton or James and Agness (Dyer) Dalton.