Descendants of Samuel Young of Oklahoma

Photo of the Samuel Young family
Samuel Young (February 4, 1846, to June 17, 1936)
+Sylvia Bredt (Dec. 31, 1854, to Jan. 5, 1934)
Lavinia (Minnie) Young (1870-)
Mary Margaret Young (1872-1972)
Katie Lottie Young (1877-1967)
+ Charles Henry Mohr (1863-1939)
Charles Young (1884-1996)
+ Alice Jenson

When Samuel Young was born on February 4, 1846, in Pennsylvania, his father, Stewart, was 34 and his mother, Aurilla, was 29. In 1846, the population of the United States was about 20,742,900 which is about the population of the state of New York in 2018. The Mexican-American War began in 1846. This war between the United States and Mexico started in the wake of the 1845 U.S. annexation of Texas. Mexico was upset because they still considered Texas to be part of Mexico in spite of the 1836 Texas Revolution.

Samuel Young was living in Patton, Illinois, as the United States was torn apart by the American Civil War. He was fifteen years of age and legally too young to serve at the start of the War but somehow he found a way. In his obituary in the Oklahoman - Friday, June 19, 1936, it indicates that he was a “Union veteran of the Civil war.” He might have waited until he was old enough and joined after the War was well under way. There are many records of Samuel Young's having served in the American Civil War, but for most of them there is no way to determine if it is the Samuel Young born 04 Feb 1846 in Pennsylvania.

Three years after the end of the War, Samuel married Sylvia A. Bredt on September 20, 1868, in Dodge, Wisconsin. He was twenty-two years of age and she was thirteen. They had four children in 14 years; Minnie, Mary, Katie, and Charles. The family was always very close and would travel hours by buckboard to visit and let the cousins play together.

From sometime before 1870 to about 1874 Samuel and Sylvia lived in Iowa. The evidence we have of this is that their first two children both claimed their entire lives that was where they were born.

In the 1880 US Federal Census for Harper, Harper, Kansas, is listed the family of Samuel and Sylvia Young. Samuel Young is 39 years old and was born about 1841 in Pennsylvania. He is farming on his own farm. His father was born in Ireland and his mother in New York. Sylvia A. Young, wife, is age 25, she was born in Wisconsin, and her parents were born in New York. The kids: Lavinia Young, daughter, age 10; Mary M. Young, daughter, age 7; and Kate Young, daughter, age 2, born abt 1878 in Illinois.

Sam Young and Sylvia (Bredt) Young moved from Illinois, to Iowa, to Kansas, to Oklahoma. Samuel was a farmer his entire working life. He was still farming at 64 years of age, but by the age of 74 he had given it up.

Katie Young was twelve years old when Sam made a run for land in Oklahoma. Katie herded cows to their new home. After they arrived in Oklahoma, they cooked and ate in a dugout and had a separate house for sleeping. Since fires were common in the kitchen if the kitchen were separate then you wouldn't lose everything you owned if it caught fire.

The 1900 US Federal Census for Mustang, Canadian, Oklahoma, lists the family of Samuel and Sylvia Young. Samuel Young is 54 years old and was born in Feb 1846 in Pennsylvania. He is farming on his own farm. His father was born in Ireland and his mother in New York. Sylvia A. Young, wife, is age 25, she was born in December 1854 in Wisconsin, and her parents were born in New York. In 1900, four of her six children were alive. Samuel and Sylvia have been married for thirty-one years and were married in 1869. The only child at home is their son Charles Young, age 16, born August 1884 in Kansas.

Sam bought a farm across the South Canadian River in Tuttle, Oklahoma. This was about six miles southwest across the river from Mustang when the ford was usable, but 15 miles around by roads that had bridges when the water in the river was high. In the 1910 US Federal Census for Tuttle, Grady, Oklahoma, Samuel (age 64) and Sylvia (age 57) are living at home. Grandmother Sylvia Young would come by way of the ford during the summer to get Louisa Mohr and Geneva Young to come and visit for a week when school was not in session.

Katie Young was Sam and Syliva’s third child. Katie married my great-grandfather Charles Mohr which was always confusing because she had a brother Charles as well. I got them confused even though great-grandpa Mohr died long before I was born and Uncle Charley Young was twenty years younger than great-grandpa.

Katie’s brothers and sisters were May Young, who married Jo Kissik; Minnie Young, who married Charles Brower; and Charles Young, who married Alice Jenson. May had a son named Charles Kissik (Yep, another Charles.). Minnie’s children were Henry Brower, Paul Brower, Vern Brower, and Wayne Brower. Charles’ children were Frank Young married to Leona Bell, Harvey Young married to Selma, Ray Young, Robert Young, and Donald married to Doris.

Then, most of the last nine years of Sam’s life, they lived at 520 SE 24th Street in Oklahoma City. In the 1920 US Federal Census for Greeley, Oklahoma, Samuel (age 73) and Sylvia (age 64) are living at home. Sylvia has only aged seven years in the ten years since the last census.

The Dust Bowl (beginning in 1934) began in the midst of the Great Depression (beginning in 1929); both lasted until the middle 1940s. It was the longest, most widespread, and deepest depression of the 20th century. The depression originated in the U.S., after the fall in stock prices that began around September 4, 1929, and became worldwide news with the stock market crash of October 29, 1929 (known as Black Tuesday). I can’t imagine how this must have affected them. In the 1930 US Federal Census for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Samuel (age 84) and Sylvia (age 74) are living at home.

On 05 Jan 1934 Samuel’s wife of 66 years died leaving him to grieve her loss. All four of his children lived close by and were a comfort to him. He moved into a nursing home in Yukon. Then, Samuel Young died on June 17, 1936, in Yukon, Oklahoma, at the age of 90, and was buried in Del City, Oklahoma, beside Sylvia.

Obituary of Samuel Young

Services Set Today
For Yukon Pioneer
Services will be conducted at 2 p.m. Friday at Mustang for Samuel Young. 90-year-old Union veteran of the Civil war, who died Wednesday at his home in Yukon. Burial will be in Sunny Lane cemetery. Survivors include three daughters. Mrs. Charles Brower, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Mary M. Kissick, Yukon, and Mrs. Charles Mohr, Mustang, and a son, Charles Young, Mustang. A grandson, E. A. Kissick, is state director of the resettlement administration.
[Oklahoman - Friday, June 19, 1936]
Samuel Young was buried in Sunny Lane Cemetery, Del City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, USA. His tombstone indicates he was born February 4, 1846, and died June 17, 1936. Samuel Young was buried next to Sylvia in Sunny Lane Cemetery and her tombstone indicates she was born Dec. 31, 1854, and died Jan. 5, 1934. ------------------------------------------------------------

What was Sylvia’s surname?

I have listed Sylvia’s surname as Bredt in this history. For years before I listed her name as Brought because when I asked my family what her maiden name was that is what I thought they said. But, no one had it written down. I’ve chosen to embrace the Bredt spelling of her last name because that is what is found in the "Wisconsin Marriages, pre-1907" database on Ancestry dot com as the person who married Samuel Young on 20 Sep 1868 in Dodge County, Wisconsin. Please feel free to choose whatever variation of that name that suits you and I will not try to change your mind.
* Another researcher had Sylvia's last name spelled Braucht. I can’t remember who. * Ancestry dot com's tools indicate that the Sylva Brodt might be the same person as my Sylvia Brought. Both are listed as being born about 1854 in Wisconsin. Sylva Brodt is listed as the daughter of Adam and Sarah Brodt on Harrison_Beckett's "Beckett & Others" genealogy at 'Brought' and the German 'Brodt' sound almost the same when spoken.
* The Brodt surname came from the German word for bread; brot. It described someone who was a baker or seller of bread. Besides those above; other variations of this name include but are not limited to: Braut(t), Brot(s), Brott(e), and Brotz.
* Then, there's this posting by Brenda (Young) Johnson found at
Samuel A. and Sylvia A. (Brodt) Young - OH/ IL/WI
Posted: 6 Jun 2000 1:17PM GMT
Edited: 28 Aug 2010 6:52PM GMT
Surnames: Young, Brodt, Smith
In search of information relating to the family of Samuel A. Young (b. Feb. 4, 1845 or 1846-d. Jun. 17, 1936--buried in OKC) and Sylvia A. (Brodt) Young (b. Dec. 31, 1854-d. Jan 5, 1934--buried in OKC). Samuel and Sylvia were married Sept. 20, 1868 at Iron Ridge, Wisconsin. Samuel was a Civil War Veteran, having served in the Bloody Company B, 31st Illinois Infantry under John A. Logan. The couple lived in Illinois on at least two separate occasions, one in Fulton County, NE 1/4 28/31/7; later deeding to Charles A. Smith.
* The "Oklahoma, Select Marriages, 1870-1930" database on Ancestry dot com indicates that at the time she got married Katie L.Young's mother was Silvia A. Bradt and her father was Samuel Young.
* The "Iowa, Select Marriages, 1809-1992" database on Ancestry dot com indicates that at the time she got married Flora L. Young's mother was Sylvia A. Brodt and her father was Samuel Young.
* In the "Wisconsin Marriages, pre-1907" database on it lists the marriage of a Samuel Young on 20 Sep 1868 in Dodge County, but there is no bride in the database named Sylvia Brodt (Brothe, Brod, Braut, Broudt, Braudt, Brautz, Brot, Brodde). It does list a Sylvia A Bredt who was married on 20 Sep 1868 in Dodge County.

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