Isham Dalton Family of Albemarle County, Virginia

 Isham Dalton, 1771-1820, Albemarle County, Virginia (h/o Elizabeth Walton, b 1774, Scotland)
  1. Mary C Dalton (1794-1851) nicknamed Polly
  2. Francis Hart Dalton (1795-1863)
  3. Lucy Isabelle Dalton (1795-1871)
  4. David W Dolton (1797-1819)
  5. Cloyd Dalton, born 1798
  6. Sally Dalton (1800-1823)
  7. Catherine Dalton (1803-1880)
  8. Elizabeth Hart Dalton (1803-1892)
  9. Nancy Lunica Dalton (1809-1876)
  10. William Dalton (1811-1864)
  11. Christena Dalton, born 1815
  12. Richmond Dolton (1815-1899)
  13. Cyrena Dalton (1815-1880)
  14. Elijah Dalton (1817-1885)
Isham relocated from Virginia to Kentucky not long after 1800. The family probably traveled the Cumberland Trail and passed through the Cumberland Gap to get to Kentucky. They settled one hundred acres of land on Drowning Creek just a few miles from the Cumberland Trail. There was never a deed registering the purchase of this land. They probably just settled and said this is our land. But, there is a record of the land being sold by the family after they moved to Indiana.

In 1805 Isham was listed for the first time on the tax lists in Kentucky. Madison County is in the Eastern half of Kentucky. Madison County is in an area of the state referred to as “The Knobs” because of the large geographical features which look like door-knobs. The area is on a plateau and the knobs are the result of erosion. However, there was good farming land there and Isham was a farmer.

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