When Ines Olive Dolton was born on November 11, 1905, in Mustang, Oklahoma, her father, Frank, was 41, and her mother, Ida, was 38. She was the seventh of eight children born to Frank and Ida Dolton.

Ines was living in Oklahoma Territory when it became the 47th state on 16 Nov 1907. She was only two years old.

Ines was eleven years of age and her family was still living in Mustang when the United States declared war on Germany in 1917. She was probably not very excited about it. The family were farming and intending to help fuel the war by providing the food needed to field an army.

The 1920 US Federal Census enumerated 27 January 1920 by J. S. Rector has a record of the Frank and Ida Dolton household living at a farmhouse on Township Road in Mustang, Canadian County, Oklahoma. Frank Dalton was the head of household, male, white, age 55 years, married, born in Kansas. His father was born in Illinois and his mother in Missouri. Frank was farming doing general farming. Ida O. Dolton was his wife, female, white, age 54 years, married, born in Illinois. Both her parents were born in the United States. Thomas F. Dolton was Frank's son, male, white, 20 years of age, single, born in Missouri. Thomas was farming on the home farm. Joseph G. Dolton, son, male, white, age 16 years, single, born in Oklahoma. Joseph was farming on the home farm. Elza G. Dolton, son, male, white age 14 years, single, born in Oklahoma. Elza was farming on the home farm. Inez Dolton, Frank's daughter, female, white, age 13 years, single, born in Oklahoma. Daisy E. Dolton, daughter, female, white, age 11 years, single, born in Oklahoma. In answer to a specific question whoever was replying to the census taker's questions said that Joseph, Elza and Inez had attended school at some time since September 1, 1919. They specificly said that Daisy had not attended school in this time frame and I guess Thomas because of his age (he was twenty years old) didn't have to answer the question.

She married Arthur Donald Hamman in 1923 when she was eighteen years old. There's only one reason for getting married at the age of eighteen and that's to get out of your parent's house so that no one can tell you what to do anymore. Ines was free!!! During the course of their married life Art and Ines had four children. Between son one and daughter two the family moved to Culver City, California.

The 1930 US Federal Census for California > Los Angeles > Culver City > District 1533 > Page 2 lists Arthur D. Hamman as head of household. He is listed as a white male aged 26 years. He says he was twenty years old when he married, hasn't attended college since 1929, and can read and write. He was born in Oklahoma and both his parents were born in Iowa. Art is working as fire patrol in motion pictures. His wife Ines O. Hamman is listed as a white female age 24. She says she was eighteen when she married, hasn't attended college, and can read and write. She was born in Oklahoma and both her parents were born in Missouri. Their children are Lenora B. Hamman, a five year old female born in Oklahoma; Billy F. Hamman, a two year old son born in Oklahoma; and Donna J. Hamman, a daughter eleven months old who was born in California.

The 1940 US Federal Census enumerated 12 April 1940 by Mina G. Aitchison for Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California has a record for the Arthur and Inez Hamman household living at 2610 Holt. Arthur Hamman was the head of household, male, white, age 36 years, married, born abt 1903 in Oklahoma. He was working as a fireman for a motion picture company. Inez Hamman was Arthur's wife, female, white, age 32 years (and beautiful). She was born in Oklahoma. Lenore Hamman was Art's daughter, female, white, age 15 years, single, attending school, she had been born abt 1924 in Oklahoma. Billy Hamman was Art's son, male, white, age 12 years, single, attending school, born abt 1927 in Oklahoma. June Hamman, daughter, female, white, ten years of age, single, attending school, born abt 1929 in California. Teddy Hamman, son, male, white, age five years, born abt 1934 in California. In 1935 they had been living in the same house.

In 1969 Art died and was buried in Westminster Memorial Park Westminster, Orange County, California. They were still living in Culver City.

She died on February 29, 1996, in Garden Grove, California, at the age of 90, and was buried in Westminster, California. She survived her parents, all seven of her siblings and her daughters. Both her sons survived her.

Email from Louis Dolton, Sr. Sun 3/2/2003 11:28 PM. "We spent the night at one of my first cousins. They are Bill and Melba Hamman. Other first cousins who were there were my Uncle Thomas Dolton's children, Tomaline, Charlene, and Colene. Also Ted Hamman, Bill's brother came in from Texas. Of course, Cousin Jessie went over there to Anaheim with us. We slept over and had a good visit, great food, and learned new things about each other. There are some stories that I will write up and add to inventory. There were many missing wives and husbands and Melba's health is in serious decline. They were very impressed when I brought up your website and you may receive information on Art and Ines (Dolton) Hamman and their progeny. By the way, I found out that the Hammon spelling in the genealogy should be Hamman."
This is an extract from another email from Louis Dolton, Sr. sent February 28, 2003. "Tomorrow (March 1, 2003), we will go to Bill Hammond's in Anaheim for a gathering of California cousins of Elza, Thomas, Ines, and Bell."

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Frank Dolton (1864-1952)
+ Ida Olive Ford (1867-1953)
Ines Olive Dolton (1905-1996)
+ Arthur D Hamman (1903-1969)
Lenore Hamman (1925-1988)
William Hamman
Donna June Hamman (1929-1989)
Theodore Hamman
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