Joseph Gilbert Dolton was born 27 Jun 1902 in Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri, to Frank and Ida Olive (nee Ford) Dolton. At the time of his birth Frank was 38 and Ida was 35 years of age. Gilbert was the fifth of eight children born to Frank Dolton and Ida Olive Ford. Gilbert was the first of the Dolton kids born in Mustang, Oklahoma, after the family moved from DeKalb County, Missouri. Gilbert's siblings were William Jewel Dolton, Florence May Dolton, Nancy Isabell Dolton, Thomas Franklin Dolton, Elza Garland Dolton, Ines Olive Dolton, and Daisy Irma Dolton.

Several records have Gilbert's name listed as "Gilbert Joseph Dolton." This is reasonable as he went by the name Gilbert. However, in Frank Dolton's Bible; where all Frank's children were listed with their first name, middle name, and date of birth; his name is listed as "Joseph Gilbert 6/27/1902."

Joseph Gilbert Dolton was living in Oklahoma Territory when it became the 47th state on 16 Nov 1907. He was only five years old.

The 1910 US Federal Census for Mustang, Canadian, Oklahoma, contains a listing of the Frank and Ida Dolton family enumerated 2 May 1910. Frank Dolton, white, male, age 46, married once at age nineteen, born about 1863 in Kansas, his father was born in Illinois and his mother in Missouri, working as a farmer doing general farming; Ida Dolton, age 43, wife, white, married at age 19, she had eight children who were all still living, she was born about 1866 in Illinois, her father was born in Tennessee and her mother in Ohio; William J Dolton, white, son of Frank, age 18, born in Missouri, was working as a laborer on the home farm; Florence M Dolton, daughter, white, age 16, born in Missouri; Nancy J Dolton, daughter, white, age 14, born abt 1895 in Missouri; Thomas F. Dolton, son, white, age 11, born in Missouri, was working as a laborer on the home farm; Gilbert J Dolton, son, white, age 8, born abt 1901 in Oklahoma; Elza G Dolton, age 6, born about 1904 in Oklahoma; Inez O Dolton, daughter, white, age 4, born in Oklahoma; Daisy E Dolton, daughter, white, age 11 months, born in Oklahoma.

In 1914, Germany used the assassination of a distant member of the royal family in Austria as the excuse to start a major war in Europe. Until World War II this war was called The World War or the Great War. The Great War (now called World War I) began in 1914. America entered the war by declaring war on Germany April 6, 1917. Gilbert was twelve years old when America entered World War I. The war ended 11 November 1918. The war lasted four years and America supplied the good guys throughout the war. America was involved in the fighting for the last eighteen months of the war.

The 1920 US Federal Census enumerated 27 January 1920 by J. S. Rector has a record of the Frank and Ida Dolton household living at a farmhouse on Township Road in Mustang, Canadian County, Oklahoma. Frank Dalton was the head of household, male, white, age 55 years, married, born in Kansas. His father was born in Illinois and his mother in Missouri. Frank was farming doing general farming. Ida O. Dolton was his wife, female, white, age 54 years, married, born in Illinois. Both her parents were born in the United States. Thomas F. Dolton was Frank's son, male, white, 20 years of age, single, born in Missouri. Thomas was farming on the home farm. Joseph G. Dolton, son, male, white, age 16 years, single, born abt 1903 in Oklahoma. Joseph was farming on the home farm. Elza G. Dolton, son, male, white age 14 years, single, born in Oklahoma. Elza was farming on the home farm. Inez Dolton, Frank's daughter, female, white, age 13 years, single, born in Oklahoma. Daisy E. Dolton, daughter, female, white, age 11 years, single, born in Oklahoma. In answer to a specific question whoever was replying to the census taker's questions said that Joseph, Elza and Inez had attended school at some time since September 1, 1919. They specificly said that Daisy had not attended school in this time frame and I guess Thomas because of his age (he was twenty years old) didn't have to answer the question.

He married Sylvia Octavia Hallum in 1926 in Oklahoma. At the time of their marriage Gilbert was 24 years old and Sylvia was 20 years of age.

In 1928 Gilbert and Sylvia Dolton were registered to vote at 6910 Culver Boulevard, Culver City, Los Angeles County, California. Gilbert was a machinist and a Democrat. Sylvia was a stenographer and a Republican.

Gilbert was a chauffeur to Hal Roach of Hal Roach Studios in Hollywood, California. The Hal Roach studios produced popular movie shorts called "Our Gang" comedies. There was a picture of Gilbert in a chauffeur's uniform with boots that laced up to just below the knee, a dark suit, and cap leaning against a large car (limousine) that was said to be Hal Roach's automobile. In the picture, he appeared to be about 25 years of age, slender build, and handsome.

Gilbert died when he was only 27 years of age. According to Louis Dolton Sr., "He developed appendicitis, was taken to a hospital, where it burst and he died." Frank Dolton's Bible indicates that Gilbert died November 1, 1929. This was verified in the California Death Index. He died in Los Angeles, California and was buried in his hometown of Mustang, Oklahoma.

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