The world that these folks grew up in would seem silent today. In the world our ancestors grew up in you never heard the air conditioner come on, the dish washer running in the kitchen, the flush of the upstairs toilet, no jet flying overhead or car with a noisy muffler driving down the street, or the ring of a telephone. When they needed water, they went to the well or river. When they needed to answer the call of nature, they used an outhouse if one was available and pages torn from a catalog rather than toilet paper. Rather than an apartment on the twenty-first floor of their building they lived in a one room house made out of logs, mud bricks, or sod where their closest neighbor was six miles away. In good weather it took four hours by wagon to get to the farmer's market in the city.

When Patrick Henry Farrell was born on March 13, 1855, in Dushore, Pennsylvania, his father, John, was 25 and his mother, Ann, was 28. Dushore is surrounded by state game lands and state forest and is about ten miles from World's End State Park and fifty miles west of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Also in 1855, Pennsylvania State University is founded as the Farmers' High School of Pennsylvania. Out west, large-scale Bleeding Kansas violence begins with events leading to the Wakarusa War between antislavery and proslavery forces that will lead six years later to the American Civil War.

Patrick Henry Farrell and Peter H. Farrell were twin brothers. They were sons of John and Ann (Dunn) Farrel. They were born 13 March 1855 in Dushore, Sullivan County, Pennsylvania. Dushore is 3.8 miles north of Cherry Township where John and Ann lived all their lives. Even today there's not a paved road that goes to Cherry Township. Perhaps the boys were born in Dushore because Ann was having trouble pushing the twins out and they went to Dushore because there was a doctor or midwife there. In 1855 backwoods Pennsylvania they would have gone to Dushore by horse and buggy and it would have taken an hour or more if the roads and weather were favorable. Walking would have taken about the same amount of time, but if Ann had been having a difficult delivery of twins, then there's no way John and she would have undertaken the three mile journey on foot. But, it turned out OK. The boys were born alive and healthy.

Patrick married Margaret O'Neill on April 18, 1887, in Cameron County, Pennsylvania. According to their marriage certificate, both Patrick and Margaret were residents of Driftwood when they were married.

They had four children in 11 years. His daughter Agnes Farrell was born on December 13, 1888, in Benezette, Pennsylvania. His daughter Florence Viola Farrell was born on December 30, 1890, in Elk County, Pennsylvania. His daughter Dorothy J. Farrell was born about 1896, in Benezette, Pennsylvania. His son Franklin Farrell was born about 1899, in Benezette, Pennsylvania. Benezette Township is in Elk County, Pennsylvania, and is best known for the large herds of elk that inhabit the County.

According to the 1900 US Federal Census Patrick Henry Farrell lived in Benezette, Pennsylvania, Age: 47; Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Head. This year they had a massive snowfall that dropped three or four feet of snow on the city. There were a large number of traveling salesman who were trapped in Brookville by the storm but didn't seem much put-out by the inconvenience. Someone took a picture of them that persists to this day; a dozen or so men posing out in the street in front of the hotel where they wintered.

According to the number of years they said they had been married in answering the 1900 United States Federal Census, Patrick Farrel married Mary in 1883. They had four children in 13 years. In 1900, he was 46 years old and lived in Benezette, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Mary, son, and three daughters.

The 1900 US Federal Census for District 0029, Benezette, Elk County, Pennsylvania, had a record of the Patrick and Mary Farrel family. Patrick Farrel was head of household, white, male, born March 1853, age 47, married for 17 years, he and his father were born in Pennsylvania while his mother was born in Ireland, he worked as a "board piler at the saw mill." Mary Farrel, his wife, was born September 1860, age 39, married 17 years (married about 1883), she had six children five of which were still living, she was born in Pennsylvania, her father in New York, no record of where her mother was born. Patrick and Mary had four of their children living at home. Agnes Farrel, daughter, was born December 1887, age twelve years, single, born in Pennsylvania. Florence Farrel, daughter, born December 1889, age ten years, single, born in Pennsylvania. Dorothy Farrel, daughter, born October 1896 in Pennsylvania was three years old. Franklin Farrel, son, was born January 1899 in Pennsylvania, and was one year old. Lottie English, Patrick's step-daughter and Mary's natural daughter, was born in September 1885 in Pennsylvania, and was fourteen years old.

The 1910 US Federal Census indicates that Patrick Henry Farrell lived in Benezette, Pennsylvania, Age: 54; Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Head.

In 1910, Patrick Furl was 54 years old and lived in Benezette, Pennsylvania with his wife, Mary, son, 2 daughters, and granddaughter. (1910 United States Federal Census) In the 1910 US Federal Census is a record of Patrick and Mary Furl [sic.]. Patrick was the head of household, male, white, age 54 years, married once for fifteen years (married about 1895), he was born in Pennsylvania and his parents in the United States (this is a change from the 1900 census). Mary, his wife, was 47 years of age, married twice, she had six children with three surviving, she was born in Pennsylvania and her parents in the United States (this is a change from the 1900 census). Frank, son, age 11, was born in Pennsylvania. Dortha [sic.] (this should be Dorothy), daughter, age 13, was born in Pennsylvania. Florence McManigal (this should be McManigle), daughter, age 20, was married for less than a year with one child. Vifian (Sic.) (this should be Vivian), granddaughter, age six months, was born in Pennsylvania.

In 1913, Patrick Henry Farrell was living in Benezette, Pennsylvania when a devastating storm furiously slammed the Great Lakes. It was referred to colloquially as "The Big Blow" and blew from November 7-10, 1913, sinking nineteen ships, stranding nineteen others, and causing over 250 deaths. The storm covered Pennsylvania in snow and ice with sustained winds of ninety miles per hour.

The United States declared war on Germany in 1917. Patrick was sixty-two years of age and too old to serve in the armed forces. Three years later on the occasion of the 1920 US Federal Census he had moved to Elk County and was Age: 65; Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Head.

In 1920, Patrick H. Farrel was 60 years old and lived in Elk, Pennsylvania with his wife, Mary, son, and daughter. (1920 United States Federal Census) In 1930, Patrick H. Farrell was 74 years old and lived in Benezette, Pennsylvania with his daughter, Dorothy, and her husband Harry Whitcomb. (1930 United States Federal Census) In the 1920 US Federal Census there is a record of the Patrick and Mary Farrel family enumerated 8 January 1920. Patrick H. Farrel is the head of the household, male, white, age 60, married, born in Pennsylvania, both parents born in Ireland (this is a change from the 1900 Census). Patrick was employed as a laborer on the township road. His wife Mary M. Farrel, was 56 years of age, she and both her parents were born in Pennsylvania (this is a change from the 1900 census). Dorothy J. Farrel, daughter, age 22 years. Frank P. Farrel, son, age 20. Vivian M. Farrel, niece, age 10 years. Demarias J. Cunningham, granddaughter, age 9. Maxwell W. Cunningham, grandson, age 7. All the children were born in Pennsylvania.

His daughter Agnes passed away on January 15, 1924, in Jay, Pennsylvania, at the age of thirty-five years. Agnes died of post-partum hemorrhage and shock after her child died in birthing.

His wife Margaret passed away in 1930 in Pennsylvania, at the age of seventy. They had been married forty-three years.

In the 1930 US Federal Census for Benezette, Pennsylvania, is a record of the Patrick H. Farrell household enumerated 26 April 1930. Patrick H. Farrell, was the head of household, male, white, age 74, widowed, he and his father were born in Pennsylvania while his mother was born in the Irish Free State. Also in the household, Harry Whitcomb, son-in-law, male, white, age 32, married at age 29 (about 1927), he and his parents were born in Pennsylvania. He worked as a laborer on the steam railroad and indicated he was a veteran of the World War. Dorothy J. Whitcomb, daughter, age 32, married at age 29, she and her parents were born in Pennsylvania. She indicated she worked as a sales lady selling groceries. Max Cunningham, grandson, age 16, born in Pennsylvania.

Certificate of Death for Patrick Henry Farrell

Patrick died on January 20, 1934, in Benezette, Pennsylvania, at the age of 78, and was buried in Cameron County, Pennsylvania. Patrick's death certificate, attested to by his son-in-law, Harry Whitcomb, says:
Patrick died 20 Jan 1934 in Benezette, Elk County, Pennsylvania.
He was a male, white, and widowed. He had been the husband of Mary Farrell.
Patrick was born 13 Mar 1855 in Sullivan County, Pennsylvania, and had died at the age of 78 years, 10 months, and 7 days.
His occupation was retired carpenter.
His father's name was Henry Farrell, birthplace unknown.
His mother's maiden name and birthplace was unknown.
Patrick was buried in Hicks Run Cemetery 23 Jan 1934 by undertake L.N.
Coppersmith of Emporium, Pennsylvania.
The cause of death was coronary thrombosis (sclerosis). The attending physician was Robert C. Simpson, M.D., whose address was Camp 131 CCC, Driftwood, Pennsylvania.
[End of death certificate information]

Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Camp 131 was established 30 May 1933 and closed 10 Oct 1935. This camp was called Potterdale or Hicks Run and was 29 miles SE of St. Marys. The CCC was instrumental in the development of public lands all across the United States including this state forest. The CCC was partly responsible for creating the truck trails and digging the water holes, while also planting trees in the state forest.

Patrick's home was in Benezette Township, Elk County, Pennsylvania. In any given year this tiny town has had about two hundred occupants. This town is located out in the forests, among the hills, on Sinnemahoning Creek. When Patrick was struck down the nearest doctor was at the CCC camp nine miles north east of his home. It was 29 miles north to the nearest town of any size (St Marys). So, Patrick was attended by the physician at CCC Camp 131 and then buried at the small cemetery that served the Camp. Hicks Run Cemetery - GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 41.36060 -78.24890 (You can enter this longitude and latitude in Google maps and see the exact location.)

Patrick H. Farrell's obituary was published in "The Evening Leader" in Corning, Steuben, New York, on 23 Jan 1934
GALETON, Pa., Jan. 23--Word was received in Galeton Saturday of the death of Patrick H. Farrell at his home in Dents Run, Pa. The funeral was held there today. Mr. Farrell was a twin brother of the late Peter H. Farrell of Galeton, and they were born at Dushore, Pa., in 1856, sons of John and Mary Farrell. The immediate survivors are two daughters. Burial was in the cemetery at Dents Run.

Based on the age he gave Patrick implied he was born in 1852, 1853, 1855 (twice), and 1859 (twice). All these dates were given by Patrick while living in Benezette, Elk County, Pennsylvania, with his wife Mary and his children. Mary's year of birth is listed as 1860, 1862 (2), and 1863. I have yet to find a third party reference to their year of birth.
(1) Marriage of Patrick + Maggie: to 26 Aug 1880 [according to Patrick + Margaret's marriage certificate]
(2) Marriage of Patrick + Mary M.: 1883 to [according to 1900 US Federal Census. Furthermore, Mary M was still with Patrick for the 1920 US Federal Census. She died before the 1930 US Federal Census.]
(3) Marriage of Patrick + Margaret O'Neill: 18 April 1887 to [according to Patrick + Margaret's marriage certificate]
(4) Oldest known child of Patrick and Mary, Agnes, was born in 1888.
These four data points are not perfectly aligned. In the 1900 US Federal Census Mary Farrel said she had six children five of which were still living. There are five children listed there in the 1900 census. One of them is Lottie English who did not take the name of her step-father. So, there is every reason to believe that the other four children are the natural children of Patrick and Mary. The 17 years of marriage cited in the 1900 census, versus the 15 years cited in the 1910 US Federal Census, versus the 18 April 1887 marriage certificate of Patrick Farrell and Margaret O'Neill is likely either a case of bad math or bad memory on the part of Patrick. The discrepancy in first names of Patrick's wife is likely due to her preference for her middle name. I believe, based on these records, that Mary M. Farrel and Margaret (O'Neill) Farrell is the same person: Mary Margaret (O'Neill) Farrell.

Descendants of Patrick Henry Farrell

1 Patrick Henry Farrell 1855-1934
.. +Margaret O'Neal 1860-1930
..... 2 Agnes Farrell 1888-1924
..... 2 Florence Viola Farrell 1890 - 1983
......... +Harvey Herbert McManigle 1890 - 1970
............ 3 Vivian Marie McManigle 1910-1982
................ +Fred Smoyer Fedder 1892-1972
............ 3 Carmen Evangeline McManigle 1912 - 1989
................ +William James Yates 1908-1988
................... 4 Helen Marie Yates 1931-2004
................... 4 William Jack Yates 1933-2008
............ 3 Evelyn Lucille McManigle 1915-2012
................ +Roy Edward Strawcutter 1912 -1954
............ 3 Carl Franklin McManigle 1918 - 1974
................ +Helen Marie Schuckers 1921 - 2014
................... 4 Paul Herbert McManigle 1940 - 1991
............ 3 Wayne Irvin McManigle 1924 - 1973
................ +Mary Ellen Baughman 1928 - 
............ 3 Mary Jane McManigle 1926 - 2006
................ +Victor George Cyone 1926 - 2009
..... 2 Dorothy J. Farrell, born about 1896
..... 2 Franklin Farrell, born about 1899

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