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Arvola London
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Arvola London
By: (Dorothy) Lorene (London) Davidson, Richardson, Texas, 1996
Edited by: Louis Dolton, Topeka, Kansas, 2018

Arvola was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on August 12, 1923. She was the fourth child of Emery and Julia London.

The 1930 US Federal Census for District 0133, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, enumerated 11 Apr 1930 by Grace Grenard, has a record of the household of Emry and Jewell London. Emry London was the head of household, male, white, age 39 years, first married at age 20, born about 1891 in Oklahoma Territory, working as a carpenter in the building industry. Emry owned his home, had no radio in the home, and the home was not located on a farm. Jewell London was Emry's wife, female, white, age 36 years, married, first married at age 18, born about 1894 in Texas. Roland London was Emry's son, male, white, ten years old, born about 1920 in Oklahoma. Lawrence London, son, male, white, age eight years, born about 1922 in Oklahoma. Arvola London was Em's daughter, female, white, age six years, born about 1924 in Oklahoma. Thresa Johnson was Em's daughter, female, white, age sixteen years, married, born about 1914 in Oklahoma. George Johnson, son-in-law, male, white, age 21 years, married, born about 1909 in Oklahoma, working as a carpenter in the building industry.

The 1940 US Federal Census for Mustang, Canadian County, Oklahoma, has a record, enumerated 26 April 1940 by Weldon Spitler, of the E.L. and Juel (Sic.) Landon (Sic.) family. E.L. [Emery Lee] London was a male, white, age 48 years, married, and working as a foreman in the carpentry industry making $2,500 per year. In 1935 the family had been living in Oklahoma City. Juel (Jewell) (Julia Jane Jobe) London was Emery's wife, female, white, age 48 years, and married. Lawrence London was the son of Emery, male, white, age 19, single, and working as a carpenter in the carpentry industry making $1,500 per year. ArvoIa London was the daughter of Emery and was female, white, age 16 years, single. Lorene [Dorothy Lorene] London was the daughter of Emery and a white, female, single, age 11 years of age. Luzell London was the daughter of Emery, a white, female, age 7 years, and single. All members of the family were born in Oklahoma.

After the [Emery London] family moved to the acreage, Arvola met Charles F. Greer. Charles was born 12 April 1920 in Saint Louis, Missouri. They were married, when he was twenty and Arvola was sixteen years of age on July 27, 1940, in Norman, Oklahoma. During those years, Dad [her father Emery London] and aII the men in the family would get together and build a small home for each newlywed couple. Arvola and Charles' home was built on the corner of our property.

Charles and Arvola had their first child, a daughter, in February 1943. They named her Beverly Ann Greer. Charles went into the Navy Seabees and was shipped to the Pacific. It may be that he enlisted because he was about to be drafted. He registered for the draft on 1 Jul 1941 and his draft card said he was six feet tall, 155 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes. He was employed by A. G. Odem. Maybe he wanted to be able to choose his service so he enlisted. He served in the Navy from 8 Jul 1943 until his honorable discharge on 14 Dec 1945. Arvola and Bev lived in the little house near us until his return. She also worked at Tinker Field in Oklahoma City during this period. It was a very difficult period for the young wives and mothers left behind.

After the War the economy was strong and Charles was able to immediately return to work. Connie Jean was born in Oklahoma City on March 4, 1947 and Charles Allen came along March 25, 1950. What a joyous time! Their family was complete.

At the time of Charles Allen's birth, Charles was in St. Anthony's Hospital with back problems. I think Arvola was upstairs in obstetrics giving birth to Charles. They had two girls and they were sure it was another little girl. When Charles heard he had a son, he was out of that bed and upstairs bad back and all. How proud they were of their little family.

The family moved to California some years later. They lived at Sunnyvale near San Jose. They moved back to Oklahoma City after Beverly Ann graduated from high school. They settled at Moore, Oklahoma, with both parents working.

Arvola died in September of 1981 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Charles was left to grieve the loss of his loving, supportive, godly wife of forty-one years and survived her five more years. Charles Franklin Greer died 1 DEC 1986 in Oklahoma City.

Greer Family Genealogy

I'm related by marriage to Charles Greer. He married my great aunt Arvola London 27 Jul 1940 in Norman, Oklahoma. They were beautiful, godly people committed to family, and both of them had a great sense of humor. They always came to the London family reunions where Arvola cooked up a storm and clowned around with her sisters while Charles loved to go catching. He didn't much care for fishing, but he loved catching.

On Rootsweb dot com is a collection of web pages comprising a genealogy under the title "Judia and Ralph Terry - Family and Neighbors of Coleman County, Texas." It says there are 208,035 entries, last updated 28 Feb 2017, owned by Ralph, home page "Judia and Ralph Terry - Family and Neighbors of Coleman County, Texas" ( If you visit the cited home page you will find that this is the genealogy work of Judia and Ralph Terry.

I first observed this genealogy on 26 Dec 2011. Obviously, this is the genealogy of Judia and Ralph Terry. The Charles Franklin Greer family is in there because they are part of the Terry genealogy.

The editor laid out the genealogy of Charles' family from Charles Franklin Greer through the kings and royalty of Ireland including "Hugh the poisonous" and "Niall of the Nine Hostages"; to Emperor Constantine; through Noah; to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

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