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Photo of Betty and Rusty in Elza's driveway

Homestead in Mustang

This is a picture of the farm in Mustang, Oklahoma, where Elza Dolton raised his family. He originally had something less than a quarter section, but over time sold it off. He farmed and raised fruit and melons of all kinds that he took to the farmers market in Oklahoma City and sold it wholesale at the dock. Uncle Thomas had a retail booth there and he sold produce retail. I assume they did business when they could agree on the price. Elza drove a milk route for awhile, and was a long-time dispatcher for the Mustang police and fire departments. Grandpa Elza built the first Mustang car wash on the North side of his home which was an excellent source of income for many years. He sold the car wash when he could no longer maintain it. Google Street View has a picture taken April 2017 that shows that the concret pads are still there, but the car wash has been torn down. It's no great loss to the city of Mustang (though it brought a tear to my eye) as the city has grown from a population of about two hundred when I visited Grandpa and Grandma there in the sixties to over twenty thousand today. And they have several car washes to accomodate the forty or fifty thousand cars from the city and surrounding farms.

Isham Dalton

The Dolton family represented on this web site is descended from Isham Dalton who was born just prior to the American Revolution and first appears in histories and documents in Virginia. We don't know if he was born in Virginia or came there from somewhere else. We have no documentation that he was related to any of the other better known Virginia Dalton's like Soloman or James. The best evidence would indicate that he was the son of William Dalton who lived in Virginia and then moved in succession to West Virginia and North Carolina.

The Dalton Gang

Members of two generations of this Dalton family have been tested by FamilyTreeDNA and their results compared to those of Edgar Dalton. Edgar Dalton was the last living grandson of William (Bill) Dalton who was the youngest son of James and Adeline Dalton. There were differences at two loci on the standard twenty-five marker test. The genealogies of these two lines are known back six generations and they do not share a common ancestor in that time. Taken together, this information and the results of these tests indicate that there is a 99% probability that Isham's descendants and Edgar Dalton shared a common ancestor within the last twenty-four generations or approximately five hundred years. So, sometime since the year 1512, there is a 99% probability that these two men had a common ancestor. I would call that unrelated. Check out the "Dalton America" genealogy by genetics project at FamilyTreeDNA.


Most of the history, that I know, of the Dolton in-laws occurred in Oklahoma Territory which later became the state of Oklahoma. None of our kinfolk were Sooners. They all came to the Territory after the runs and purchased land from those early settlers. The Dolton's and Mohr's were farmers in Mustang. The Londons and Kirby's were carpenters and built homes all over central Oklahoma. But, they went where the work was and so they also built homes in Texas and other surrounding states. The Johnson's were farmers and carpenters and owned property in Guthrie (the Territorial capital) and made a pittance from selling their mineral rights to oil companies.

Then I met a beautiful girl whose family is mostly in Northwestern Pennsylvania. They live in towns like Brookville, Dent's Run, Reynoldsville, and Erie. They worked with coal, glass, the railroad, and a variety of other local enterprises. So you see her families listed here too.


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